Norselight AS BERG, Norway 
Norselight AS

Norselight has trough the years developed considerable expertise within her own product range and is today world known for her superior products. Norselight has since 1927 developed, manufactured and supplied quality lighting products meeting the tough conditions of for instance the Norwegian coastline. Norselight has about 33 dedicated staff members that work hard to give all customers continuous and professional service.

A4A4SaveBack SERIES 65 BR aqua signal LED LanternA4A4SaveBack SH 510 SuezA4A4SaveBack XEVER E85 


Address: Norway, BERG, 1787 Sorliveien 84, P.O. Box 1006

Contact person: Commercial Department ,e-mail, website

Phone: +47 69 179999

Fax: +47 69 179989

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Suez Canal Searchlight Send enquiry  
Suez Canal Searchlight
Designed to meet applicable marine requirements
Certified in accordance with Suez Canal Authorities
Water and gas-tight drum with ventilation and safety valve
A4A4SaveBack SH 510 Suez
Signal Light Send enquiry  
Signal Light
Long lifetime up to 110,000 operating hours (depending on ambient temperature)
Main and back-up system in one housing
High level of reliability
A4A4SaveBack SERIES 65 BR aqua signal LED Lantern
Emergency light Send enquiry  
Emergency  light
Induction lighting technology with 10 years guaranty
Maintancefree for 100.000 hours
Explosion proof Sone 1
A4A4SaveBack XEVER E85

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